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Motivational Speakers Ottawa

Amen Iseghohi is a revolutionary Entrepreneur, Achievement Strategist and Cognitive Behavioral Therapist (CBT). His unique story is an inspiration to business people, educators, health enthusiasts, athletes, and philanthropists. He embodies a powerful reminder that highlights the importance of facing your fears and embracing your strengths.

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Empowering Vision Through Action

Success doesn’t happen by chance, it comes from methodical and consistent action.

To succeed one must have the mindset of a Boxer. No fighter comes into a ring lose, but to win you’ve got to be willing to take the hit, and punch back twice as hard. Life can be very unpredictable, but your attitude should ALWAYS be predictable. Every day must begin with a clear purpose and a clear set of priorities that inspire action.

Motivational Speakers Ottawa


The legendary Boxing Champ Evander Hollifield once told me “Amen, as a kid I got beaten up by a bully on my way home from school. I had to make a decision; walk that street back home fearful every day or fight back even if I risked losing. I fought back! Today I am a legendary heavyweight Boxing champion!

Motivational Speakers Ottawa

To quote my friend, Footballer Larry Fitzgerald

“When success finds you, it’s because you were looking for it!”

Survival is just comfort and not success; we are not here to survive; we are here to thrive.

Fear is an Illusion

From my experience working with world class athletes and CEO’s worldwide, I find one particular truth to be consistent. They all face their fears and refuse to be defined by failure. As a result they WIN!

Amen’s Attitude For Success:

“The foundation of my attitude for success undoubtedly came from my experience as a world class Rugby athlete. Some life and business principles I always live by include:

  1. Begin with the end in mind
  2. Success is a contact sport, punch first and punch last. You never wait for the opportunity. YOU CREATE IT!
  3. Success is earned not given.
  4. THE URGENCY BEGINS NOW! I believe in being patient but not before ALL action is taken.
  5. No hesitation. No procrastination. No regrets.
Find the Gap

Some advice I received from my Rugby coach as a young man that I still apply to my life everyday: “If you want it bad enough, there’s always a gap to find it.”

What are you willing to fight for, but not ready to compromise on? 

Remember tomorrow is created today! Are you ready to embrace tomorrow? You already have what it takes to make the change.

Time is your most valuable asset, now is always the best time to start

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